Roger A Farr the Court Artist

In 1996 while working as a Taxi driver I stopped and walked into my local bookmakers ( Corals ) in Telford to put a small bet on the horses. I noticed a young man sat down holding a carrier bag between his legs seemingly uninterested in the events that were happening on the notice boards and TV's. I walked up to the desk and put my bet on and left the building.


Ten minutes later I drove past the bookmakers and was supprised to see so much Police activity. After dropping a customer off I drove back to the office to find a couple of Police officers waiting for my return. They said there had been an armed robbery minutes after I had left the building! I was asked if I could provide them with a discription of the young man that was sat down holding the carrier bag!


They handed me a pen and piece of paper. Two minutes later I returned the piece of paper with a drawing on it. The look on their face was one of shock, disbelief and excitement! The drawing appeared on the front of the local Newspaper, the solicitor of the robber recognised him and he got seven years for armed robbery!


That evening I appeared on National TV news. The following day I was asked if I would consider being a Court Artist as it appears I have a photographic memory ( you are not allowed to draw in Court ) I gladly excepted the offer and worked for the BBC, ITV and the national Newspapers untill 2010 producing drawings of infamous characters such as Fred West, Harold Shipman and the Michael Jackson trial. I now concentrate on painting wildlife, human and pet portraits. I am also producing fine detail bird carvings! 


I think I was in the right place at the right time!