Born in Much Wenlock in Shropshire UK, life was very busy living in my household sharing time with 9 sisters and four brothers! My love for art began at a very young age and the inspiration for my wildlife paintings came from the very rural and beautiful scenery that Shropshire is blessed with. With a love for wildlife and animals, Archibald Thorburn, Fenwick Lansdowne, Raymond Harris Ching, David Shepherd, Rembrandt and Mary Cassatt were great influences in the early stages and up to the present day. My grandfather was an excellent artist and my father who assisted gamekeepers and was extremely knowledgeable on rural and wildlife subjects. My passion to draw and paint wildlife subjects grew.

In 1985 I started to work for The Shropshire Trust for Nature Conservation, providing illustrations of wildlife subjects for schools and colleges. My work started to be recognised and other opportunities arose including other wildlife and community based projects. Whilst visiting Shropshire Conservation Group one day David Attenborough was visiting and commented that I should develop this skill further.  This prompted me in 1993 to take a 4 year course in Visual Communication for which I obtained a BA (Hons) degree at Wolverhampton University. 

For any artist deciding which path of career to take was a hard one. What happened next no one would believe would be the beginning of a new chapter for my art skills, but this is what happened purely by chance as I enjoyed a “flutter” on the horses one day!  After placing a bet I was surprised to be asked by police if I had noticed a young male inside the bookies store? The store had been robbed and police were keen to learn who might be able to provide a description of the man. They were ready to write down what I said, but instead I offered to draw a picture! The expression of surprise on their faces when they saw the drawing was one I will never forget! Perhaps expecting a more amateur drawing they were amazed at the detail. The picture was handed to the Shropshire Star and was published on the front page. Unfortunately for the culprit his picture was recognised by his solicitor who recommended he gave himself up.

This set up the opportunity for me to be interviewed on TV asking if I would be interested in becoming a Court Artist for the BBC.  I certainly was - and this led to me working with both the BBC and ITV channels for over a decade, drawing high profile court cases with individuals such as Fred West, Harold Shipman, and Michael Jackson.


In more recent years I have concentrated on taking commissions for wildlife paintings and portraits and have continued to develop my skill for fine detailed wildlife carvings.